Workshop: “VIBRAFY”


In this workshop, our UK collaborators, Ju Gosling and Julie Newman, joined us in Montreal to create vibrational art objects that could translate sound into sensory and tactile vibrations. Part of our goal was to use reclaimed and recycled materials from Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) to demonstrate how artists can create accessible vibrating artwork using a sustainable and inexpensive model. Several participants throughout the day joined us to lend a hand and experience their own sound files in a completely new way. By wiring electronic sound files through our vibrating transducers and placing them into objects, we were able to distinguish how the resonances of voice, instrument, and nature are felt and understood by our bodies.

By the end of the day, we created three vibrational objects: a vest, an orb, and a cushion, which were all crafted from CUCCR materials. These objects will serve as artifacts of the workshop, and will be on display during the upcoming VIBE Symposium.


“VIBRAFY” Workshop

Are you someone interested in inclusive and accessible art making? Then please join us for the first edition of our VIBE workshop series! We will learn how to make artworks and galleries more inclusive and experiential for everyone by transforming sound and video files into vibrating wearables and cushions. Drop in for a day of creative VIBES!


Thursday October 4th.Drop in hours: 10 am – 5 pm. Main event: 3- 5 pm


Concordia University. EV Building 11.655


Led by visiting artists Ju Gosling and Julie Newman from Together!2012, an organization in East London that seeks to empower disability artists and makers and foster inclusive art practices.

Hosted by the Critical Disability Studies Working Group

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