Workshop: “Inclusive Dance”


Led by professional dancer Menka Nagrani, this inclusive workshop was a kinaesthetic exploration of collaborative movement. Beginning with imaginative posing and movement exercises and progressing to paired “call and response” improvisation, the many participants of this workshop were given a crash course on how to move with the music and each other. One of the unique features of this workshop was the accompaniment of a live violinist, who was able to set the tone and rhythm of each new prompt on the spot. Towards the end, we were called to work as an entire group in the creation of choreography and poses that evoked an overall emotion or composition.

Although it was clear the participants’ prior experience in dance ran the full gamut, the air was filled with a playful tone that made everyone feel comfortable enough to jump right in. With openness and a generous spirit, we formed a sense of collaborative camaraderie in this dance studio.

Are you interested in embodied and accessible dance practices? Then please join us for the second edition of our VIBE workshop series, “Inclusive Dance!” In this workshop, we will develop solo and group listening, concentration, and intimate connections with music. Accompanied by a << live >> musician, we will create a short sequence to initiate a creative process in contemporary dance.


Thursday November 8th. 3:00- 5:00 pm


Concordia University. EV Building.Le Gym Studio C S3.215 (Basement level)


Led by Menka Nagrani
Hosted by the Critical Disability Studies Working Group

This workshop is free and open to the public and in an accessible location.

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