This is not an exercise to raise awareness (2018)

Artist: Laurence Parent

Eight kilometres is the distance between my home and Concordia University. These kilometres are among those I am most familiar with in Montreal, because I have made my way across this distance in any way possible and in all kinds of weather conditions. Since the Jean-Talon metro station has been made accessible, I wheel myself through 3.6 km and use the metro over 4.4 km. The metro station near my home and the one near my destination are not accessible.

This setup’s objective is not to educate you or to have you to experience what I experience. We are way past that. Do you feel these vibrations? These are the vibrations rising from the yearning that propels me and which drives many disabled Montrealers and allies to break down obstacles. To see them drop, like flies.

Artist’s Biography

Laurence Parent is a Ph.D. candidate in Humanities at Concordia University. She holds an MA in Critical Disability Studies from York University and a BA in Political Science from Université du Québec à Montréal. She lives in Montréal and is passionate about disability activism, disability history, and mobility. Over the past decade, she has been actively involved in a number of disability rights organizations. Laurence’s academic and artwork has featured in numerous conferences and exhibitions in Canada and abroad.

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