Tactile sound workshop

As part of the Together! 2017 Disability Film Festival in December, Together! 2012 CIC organized a two-day tactile sound workshop for emerging Disabled filmmakers on 7 & 8 December 2017. The workshop was led by Together! 2012 CIC Chair Julie Newman, who heads the Together! 2012 Photographers & Filmmakers Club.

On 7 December, the workshop covered the physics of sound, drawing on vintage children’s books and films. Participants also experimented with a wide range of sound sources and microphones, learning about the relationships between vibration, frequency and amplification. You can watch a video of excerpts from the workshop on this page.

On 8 December, participants headed to Julie’s studio on the banks of the Thames, an old wooden ship’s wheelhouse. Julie had connected the wheelhouse to transducers to turn it into a giant vibrating speaker, sponsored by her studio complex Trinity Buoy Wharf. Participants experimented with sound sources again here, using the studio itself to amplify them.

Julie Newman Vibrastudio visit 8 December 2017
Julie Newman Vibrations workshop 7 December 2017

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