Installation: “Healing House”


This installation entitled, “Healing House,” was created by artist Darian Goldin Stahl to architecturally visualize the often anxious experience of being scanned in the hospital. Here, Darian aims to express how the memories of a medical encounter do not end at the hospital doors, but can follow a patient home. Therefore, she has built a house out of silk that has been dipped in beeswax and impressed with the pattern of a hospital gown to merge the medical and the domestic. Inside of this small house includes a bright red “MRI IN USE” sign that can be found in radiology clinics, along with an emanating soundtrack of an idling MRI machine that has been slowed to resemble a human breath. To counter this anxious atmosphere, an opportunity for wellness prevails through the beeswax’s pleasant aroma. For the upcoming VIBE exhibition, Darian will translate the mechanical soundtrack into a rhythmic vibration that participants can feel.

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