Wave draw 3

Vibrations Exhibition: Montreal

Dec 1 to Dec 13, 2018
Concordia University
4th Space
(1400 Maisonneuve Blvd W, Montreal, QC H3G 1M8).

Vibrations Exhibition:
East London

Dec 1, 2018
Vicarage Lane Community Centre, Govier
Close, E15 4HW.

Vibrations  – happening simultaneously in Montreal, Quebec and East London, UK –  is the culmination of a collaboration between VibraFusionLab (London, Ontario), Together! 2012 CIC (East London, UK), and the Participatory Media cluster of Milieux: Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec). The project brings Deaf and disabled artists and their communities from Montreal and East London together to co-produce a suite of new digital artworks and experimental prototypes that explore our sensorial relationship to the world through «vibrational» tactility, including the skin, and the body as a resonant chamber. It asks how artistic creation can contribute to challenging ableism (discrimination against disabled people) and audism (discrimination against Deaf people). Vibrations features a wide range of approaches to Deaf and disability arts and imagines multiple intersections of tactile vibration, sound, and image.

Aimee Louw • Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra • Darian Goldin Stahl • David Bobier • Daz Saunders • Georgia Akbar • Grace Manning • Hodan Youssouf • Jade Sempare • Ju Gosling aka ju90 • Julie Newman • Laurence Parent • Les Productions des pieds des mains • Living Films at Richard House Children's Hospice • Menka Nagrani • Mighty Mega Saturday Club at Discover Children's Story Centre • Natural Diversions • Pamela Witcher • Salima Punjani • Samuel Thulin • Together! Dance Club • Together! 2012 Outdoor Arts Club • Together! 2012 Photographers & Filmmakers Club • Véro Leduc

David Bobier

TransCommunicator (Social Model) 2018 /
Transcommunicator (Cultural Model) 2018

Mighty Mega Saturday Club at Discover Children's Story Centre, Living Films at Richard House Children's Hospice, Grace Manning, Georgia Akbar, Ju Gosling aka ju90


Véro Leduc, Pamela Witcher, Daz Saunders, and Hodan Youssouf

Our Vibrating Hands (2018)

Jade Sempare

Stratford by Chair: A Tale of Two Cities

Aimee Louw

Down, Down to the Water

Together! 2012 Photographers & Filmmakers Club, Together! Dance Club and Julie Newman

Together! at Vicarage Lane Community Centre

Salima Punjani

Progression (2018)

Laurence Parent 

This is not an exercise to raise awareness (2018)

Menka Nagrani, Les Productions des pieds des mains and the Together! 2012 Dance Club

Dancing Together: Transatlantic Connections

Darian Goldin Stahl

Healing House (2018)

Natural Diversions, Les Productions des pieds des mains and the Together! 2012 Outdoor Arts Club, ans Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Always Waiting

Samuel Thulin

Hemo-resonance #1 (2018)

Arseli Dokumaci

Disability as method: audio description as blind intervention